Why I started liking ice cream

The story goes back to when I was 7, and this is when I started liking ice cream. On my 7th birthday, my mom gave me ice cream which I never tasted before. At first, I didn't even know what it was. However, my mom said it was something to eat. It was chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips on it, and it was delicious! However, now that I'm older, my mom couldn't find out where she bought it nor remember so I'm sad about it.

Chocolate Ice cream

As I said earlier, this ice cream literally changed my life, but I wasn't able to eat it again. This soon became my favorite ice cream, and my wish is to go back to the past and eat that specific chocolate ice cream my mother handed to me. I like chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips on it because the texture is so nice when you chew on it! I always eat chocolate ice cream after sports. This is because, after working out, I consider myself proud. Therefore, I ask my mom or my dad to buy me a chocolate ice cream, and finish the day with a satisfying taste.

Vanilla Ice cream

Back when I was 9, my mother asked me to taste a different ice cream because I was only obsessed with chocolate. She said there is a variety of different types of ice cream that I would like, and that I should try every one of them. When I got to the ice cream store, I saw a clear white colored ice cream. When I asked the store manager what taste it was, he said it was vanilla. I thought it would taste sweet, so I decided to get it. When I got it, the ice cream was smooth, but it wasn't my style. It tasted like cream, too sweet, and so I just decided to give up on vanilla ice cream.

Mint Chocolate Ice cream

This doesn't go back too far, but one year ago. This was when I didn't even know mint chocolate ice cream existed. When my sister(Jackie) came home, she delivered me a mint chocolate ice cream for my mom and asked her to bring me one. I appreciated it, however, I was terrified when I had a glance at the ice cream. It was partially blue and partially green. I was surprised that the visual didn't look so good, however, what matters is the taste. It feels like eating toothpaste! I still started liking this ice cream and soon became my 2nd favorite.

Why I started despising ice cream

Ice cream is very tasty, moist, and refreshing. However, I started not liking ice cream six months ago. The reason why I stopped liking ice cream was because it wasn't helping me in any way, but just satisfying. When you finish ice cream, you start wanting to drink something that is filled with ice. This is why I started despising ice cream. I still eat it, however, I don't eat it if I'm out of money and I'm outside because I have to go through a few hours of thirst.

I stopped eating ice cream

Mentioned in the previous paragraph, I stopped liking ice cream starting 6 months ago. Ice cream was easily my favorite dessert, but everything just turned sideways. I thought ice cream wasn't good for my health, and that I only get satisfaction for just a few minutes while eating it. I also saw people facing problems where they ate too much ice cream and got diabetes. Therefore, starting 6 months ago, I decided to stop eating ice cream.